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The Kept Man (2007)

Waiting is what Jarvis has been doing for six years; struggling to hold on, for herself and for Martin, her coma-stricken husband. Only leaving home to visit him at the assisted living facility, Jarvis wanders in her empty loft every single day, savouring the snippets of memories she and Martin shared. Things take on an unexpected turn when on a trip to the laundromat she meets The Kept Man Club, three men who stay at home while their wives work. With their help, she starts to get herself together, taking steps towards redefining herself in a whole new direction. But when she discovers a set of photographs left by Martin, she starts to see her husband in an entire new light, as secrets unfold and the truth sinks in. Though the characters in this book are not entirely likable, the story itself is captivating and engaging, with random musings of the protagonist on life - it's certainly not your typical chick lit. (XT)

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