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Four Bridesmaids and a White Wedding - Fiona Collins (2017)


Wendy is getting married to a posh bloke called Frederick and it’s time for her hens weekend with her bridesmaids. JoJo, a bridal shop owner, has chosen a swanky hotel for the occasion but trouble is she’s messed up the booking. Instead of the luxurious pamper package they are expecting, the bridal party are instead facing an assault course and an alcohol ban. Nevertheless, Rose is looking forward to a weekend catching up with her friends since her marriage to her work-away husband is at breaking point. Publican Sal can’t wait to tell the girls about her fling with her hot chef, Niall. Meanwhile Wendy is worried that the groom’s sister, Tamsin, won’t approve of her.
This is a fun, light read, with the story flowing well with each chapter told from a different friend's perspective. As the women make the most out of the changed plans, there’s a blast from the past, plenty of flirting and pink sports knickers.

Rating 6/10

The bridal party is off to a bridesmaid bootcamp in Fiona Collins' latest novel, Four Bridesmaids and a White Wedding. The synopsis says: "Rose, Sal and JoJo have been looking forward to their best friend Wendy's hen party for ages. A relaxing spa break is the perfect way to escape their crazy careers, grumpy husbands and stroppy children - even if the groom's straight-laced sister, Tamsin, is coming too.
Until they realise that there's been a mistake in the booking and instead of sipping prosecco in fluffy white dressing gowns they're off to bridesmaid bootcamp! Squeezing themselves reluctantly into tiny shorts and sliding through the mud, it's only a matter of time before secrets emerge that could change everything...
Forget about saving the date, these four bridesmaids need to save the day - otherwise will there even be a white wedding at all?" Four Bridesmaids and a White Wedding is out in April 2017.

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