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Spinning Out (2009)

Virginia (Ginny) is at a crossroads when she is sacked from the corporate advertising job she loves in New York. Her life is a mess: she keeps waking up in the bed of her charming ex-boyfriend; has a distant relationship with her mother and just can't get over the fact that she had a dance career that went down the gurgler years ago. So when a friend in Australia beckons her to visit, she seizes it as an opportunity to sort herself out. Predictably she falls for an Aussie guy and moves Down Under for good. When tragedy strikes, she reignites her love of dance and makes some attempt at finally carving out her own path in life. (LF)

Dancing Backwards in High Heels (2008)

Madeleine Hutchinson is a wife to Geordie and mother to Josh and Robbie and has just successfully moved her family across the world from America to Australia. Madeleine, who's put her career on hold to raise the children, is in a strange country where every time she leaves the house she gets lost, doesn't know where the local hospital is, can't work out the Australian vernacular and has only a handful of people she can call friends. There's a gnawing gap between her and her husband, her son's hyperactive and the other only speaks to her in teenage grunts. She's lost, tired of the humdrum of housework and can't remember who she is or the woman she was. This is until she stumbles across a dance studio which conjures up childhood memories of a passion she's long forgotten. The music and moves make her feel alive again and the attention of her much younger dance partner makes her feel sexy and flattered. Until she starts to lose control and it no longer seems like the innocent fun she thought. Madeleine has some serious decisions to make about whether she saves her marriage and family or gives in to temptation. (LF)

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