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Humbugs and Heartstrings (2014)

Bobbie is working for a boss who shares much in common with Scrooge and spreads misery to all of those working for her. Bobbie's passion is glass blowing, but she has ended up in a dead-end job making ends meet, whilst she saves every penny to pay for an operation for her sick brother. Her boss, Carol, is a complete skinflint and is desperate to hide the fact that her business is not doing as well as she portrays. The problem is that these two women have a history; they used to be best friends. Along comes Charlie, who charms Bobbie with his witty banter and good looks, however he also has struck up a relationship with Carol. Could Carol's interest just be to save her failing business, or is she a real rival to Bobbie? Both women are forced to confront their past and decide if their friendship is worth saving. This is a festive read, which explores friendships, family, love and loyalty along with a spot of mince pie throwing. A fun, fizzy book which makes reference to the timeless Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol. I felt that more could have been made of those parts of the storyline, and it was also not quite Christmassy enough for me. However it was an enjoyable read with some funny moments. Worth reading whilst whiling away an afternoon with a glass of mulled wine. (EH)

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