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Rebecca Chance's latest novel, Bad Twins, focuses on siblings destined to be rivals as they vie for their father's job. The summary says: "Never trust the face in the mirror ...
It's no surprise to anyone that Jeffrey Sachs, billionaire CEO of his own hotel chain, has a drop-dead gorgeous Estonian mistress. But stepping down to spend his retirement years with her? No one saw that coming - least of all his wife!
So now the prize of becoming Sachs CEO is up for grabs - and Jeffrey's four children have until the day of his wedding to compete for the job.
The front runner is Conway, the older son and golden boy. But Charlotte, a glamorous social media star with an Instagram-perfect family, is hugely ambitious, fully prepared to scheme and backstab to get to the top. Then there's the dark horse: Bella, her mild-mannered, hard-working twin sister. Or could Bart, the youngest child, a sexy, incorrigible playboy, somehow catapult himself into Daddy's good books?
In a game where the ultimate prize is power beyond your wildest dreams, you should never underestimate your competitors, even if they are family ... and, it turns out, twins can be the most dangerous rivals of all." Bad Twins is out in July 2018.



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