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Baby Boom! – Helen Wallen (2018)


Emily is finally expecting a baby and she is so excited, except her pregnancy is not as blissful as she thought, dealing with nausea, excessive sweating, and mood swings that make her feel murderous towards husband Paul. Her best friend Molly has just discovered she is pregnant, too. She is more relaxed than Emily, although she is freaking out a bit over moving in with boyfriend Tom. Meanwhile, their friend Liz is busy breaking up with her married boyfriend, being made partner in her law firm, and wondering about her feelings for her Thor-lookalike colleague, Gerald.
From the blogger behind Just a Normal Mummy, this is an enjoyable novel about three friends in their thirties who are struggling with their feelings over having a family, having a partner, and growing up. The storyline is nothing new and there aren’t many surprises, nevertheless it is still an entertaining and fun read. I particularly enjoyed the WhatsUp chats between the three friends. (NP)


Just a Normal Mummy blogger Helen Wallen is releasing her debut novel, Baby Boom. The synopsis says: "No one said the journey to motherhood was easy ...
Increased face-girth, back acne and gagging every time she's in the presence of vegetables isn't quite the beautiful start Emily had planned for her unborn baby.
Molly's unexpected pregnancy somehow turns her boyfriend into the poncy-vegan-nut-milk-enforcer, but she breezes it, as she breezes everything. (Including still being able to eat avocados much to Emily's annoyance.)
Liz quickly realises if she's to move her life on, she needs to get rid of the married man she's in love with - especially now she's realised he's been hiding more than his wedding ring.
It's a story about becoming parents, but most of all it's a story about love, laughter and chatting to your best friends about your fanny on WhatsApp." Baby Boom is out in January 2018.

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